Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 7

Monday Day 7

We made crab bisque today, using live crabs. Le Cordon Bleu does it right, letting us prepare foods the way it is intended. I was the lucky one to not have to handle live crabs, however. There were none left for me since I was the last one to obtain them. The chef made other classmates share their crabs with me and most of their crabs were already dead through sautéing. I didn't realize that crushing the crabs with a rolling pin, and getting sprayed with crab juices and parts are necessary for bisque making. Definitely laundry night tonight. A lot goes into making a good dish. 
Another revelation: have fun with this and learn. The stress of making a dish turns negative when I forget the reason I’m here. 
Chef's Crab Bisque

Conclusion: I added too much cayenne, it was too thick, and my croutons weren’t sautéed enough. 

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