Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 3

Wednesday Day 3

I learned my lesson yesterday so I left the house earlier to not end up running, thought I could get breakfast and withdrawal some US dollars at an ATM on way to school. Nope, it’s getting late. I, once again, end up running. Forget breakfast and money, just run. 
So, this is a side note. I’ve noticed no one eats in public in Paris, and find out that it’s public etiquette not to. So people, remember, no Starbucks cups, or chips while in public areas except for areas designated for eating. 
I was more confident today on how to dress, thankfully. Went to practical first thing in the morning to fillet a fish (first time). So my thought is, if you like to eat it, you should know how to cook it, right? None of this, “yew, it’s slimy and yucky business.” The days are set up like this: first demo, then practical. 
Practical Room
Demonstration Room

It made today a 5-6 hour day in the kitchen. Got fish blood on my apron. Shoot, now I have to wash and press it, otherwise I will be counted as absent. I got my second casualty. I got burned from a plate because the plate had to be in the oven to keep the food warm once it’s plated. Plates are cold at my house. So I wasn’t used to handling it. Today the chef tasted our dishes. The lemon sole with white wine sauce was “good,” the  poached chicken with supreme sauce and rice “au gras” was determined to be the salt being too salty, and the rice undercooked. Sigh. 
I tried the Metro, and had my husband meet me at the station. Cuts off some walking time, but I’ll use it only when I need to, probably for those late nights at the Le Cordon Bleu.
Oui Chef. Merci Chef, Bonsoir Chef. These are proper ways to respond to the chef. We are learning respect and humility. They are teaching us discipline and hygiene. I’m learning. Not that I had bad hygiene before. 

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