Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 24

Day 24 Saturday

Saturday classes, well, the metro is unusually empty at 7:30AM. Teamed up with a classmate of mine to make this enormous portion of a dish. Pasta and veal. It happens to be the same classmate who is the other assistant with me this week. So she was in charge with making the pasta. I blanched, peeled, seeded, and chopped the tomatoes for the sauce. We made an excellent team, but I am unsure if Chef deducted points from my grade. Hope not. He was positive with my dish. Pasta cooked well, so was the veal. My tomatoes were not cooked enough, again. That's the trend to my vegetables. I was worried about my over cooked pasta, but he said it was good. 

Chef's Pasta
Chef's Veal


Went to a chocolate store (Belgium chocolate) and ate too much for/at lunch. Then went to Luxembourg gardens and jogged a little. 
Purchased boudin noir, boudin blanc, goose rillettes from Gilles Verot (a nearby charcuterie shop with lines of people always). The person selling me the products told me to speak as much French as I should have been there, it was embarrassing. And, she happened to speak perfect English. I don't know why she would want me to struggle like that. I also got a baguette nearby. Made me feel so French.
Ok, can't study at all tonight. Will have to be full speed tomorrow. Practical exam coming up.
Hilarious. Had a nightmare last night that my scale broke. I was devastated in my dream. haha.

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