Friday, December 9, 2011

Day 23

Day 23 Friday

"The excitement is absolutely over" was exactly what I thought today when I woke up. Was not in the mood to clean and fillet a sea bream at 8:30 am. Then take a written exam I wasn't ready for. But, I had to do this anyways. The practical. Ha. That was a sarcastic ha. Finished late (the whole class did). I can't discuss what happened, but it wasn't a positive one. 

Chef's Sea Bream and Fennel

Had a break over lunch to cram for the exam. I never was one to say, "I can't study anymore, if I don't know it by now..." My best retention is in cramming right before the test. Before then, however, there was a demo. 
Written exam. Not as terrible as I thought. Some absurd questions, like any test. Will keep you posted, when I get posted. Crossing my fingers for a passing grade.

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