Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 21

Day 21 Wednesday

My fat jeans are shrinking and turning into skinny jeans, and it hurts. Doggone pastries that the pastry students make keep me in trouble. First thing this morning, a practical. Chicken again. This time not trussed, but separated into bone in and bone less parts, sautéed and braised. Chef said my vegetables had too much oil, and they fell after placing them in a special mold (for looks, you know). Thigh meat was cooked well, but the breasts were overcooked. The tomatoes were also undercooked. The french and their vegetables, they love it mushy. They call the American al dente vegetables "hospital food." So opposite. Yes, lesson learned. Breasts cook faster than thighs. 

Chef's Chicken with Italian Vegetables
My Chicken

Afterwards we had a demonstration, then a technique class. They let us out early tonight. Well, earlier than usual, so I got home at 8pm. Still a 12 hour day. I usually get home around 10:15pm. As worried as I am about Friday's exam, I have got to rest. Woke up with another sore throat today. Not resting and not drinking enough fluids during the day, I think. So inconvenient to use the restroom. 
Oh, yes. Found out about our practical exam. Will have one out of 10 dishes. Will stand in front of the ingredients placed in front at the station. We have 2.5 hours to complete the task. Points deducted if late. Jury of retired chefs in Paris will taste and score us. Mandatory glazing of 10 pearl onions. This practical exam will count 45% of our grade. 

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