Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 20

Day 20 Tuesday 

I think I'm getting used to the smell of my fingers, because certainly they have not just neutralized on their own. We just had a demo this morning, and had a five hour break, and I'm so grateful because I study get some. Although, I could have studied more, and harder. We made pork with Dauphine potatoes. My meat was so cold, but I told the chef about it and he didn't seem to care. He really enjoyed my Dauphine potatoes, but he was the one who helped me make them. 

Chef's Pork with Dauphine Potatoes
My Pork 

I think, in general, I do a lot better when I have time to look over the demo notes. I don't have to much time to study anymore this week. I'm really concerned. 
I raided a tray of refrigerated macarons in the sous sol kitchen. Didn't mean to eat 5. Really. 
I fabreze my hair these days. Betcha you didn't know that. 

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