Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 2

Tuesday Day 2, slap in the face, wake up call. Left the house leisurely and enjoying my morning walk to school until I looked at the time. Walking turned to running. If I’m late, I’ll be counted as absent if the Chef does not let me in the classroom. Entered the locker room (You see, we have teeny lockers. We must only wear our uniforms in school, not outside of school as to not pick up germs). Fortunately, I’m in the corner of the locker room and have a little space. Unfortunately if the door was opened, I could potentially flash someone. Give and take, you know. Eventually, I do not care at this point. I’m frantically dressing into uniform (hair net, towel, neck tie, utensils, badge, shoes). We all learned how serious being on time was by observing a couple of guys were arriving late to the classroom, receiving a dirty look from the director. 
If you arrive too early, you may wait outside. You see, you may only enter a room when the Chef says you can. I made rustic soup for the first practical. It was to teach us chopping, I guess. So I chopped my thumb, and wore a finger condom. Overall, the soup was good. 
Chef's Rustic Vegetable Soup

Had enough time today to go to the bathroom once, and barely time to eat today. Is this the military?
I carried my tub of soup home, along with my unwashed knives (no time to wash them after the practical) about 12 pounds, and my purse. I walked back to my flat, taking breaks every 2 minutes.  Mind you, it’s cold, dark, and a long walk if you have that much weight on you.

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