Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 19

Day 19 Monday 

I made duckling with turnips today. I’m learning to turn any vegetables, today turnips. Sear the duck more for crispy skin, says Chef. Remove ends of the breast fillet on plating for better appearance. Remember to pierce the side of wing to see if juices are clear if done. Better to have cooked vegetables a little longer. I still have plating issues. Add dimension with height. Turnips and onion had good flavor. Onions could have cooked a little more. Well done, says Chef. 

Chef's Duckling and Turnip
My duckling and turnip

Was at Starbucks during my break to study. I'm so fooding. I can't believe I'm studying food. Love this. 
My high lasted a short while. 
The demo lasted past time, which then my classmate and I had to rush to get our ingredients for the practical. We are assistants this week so we have to get the ingredients and prepare for the practicals, and clean afterwards. I made beef stroganoff. Not the one like the states. Paprika sauce. My sauce, too liquid. My meat need to be sliced more batonnet, thicker, and cooked more. Learned about etuver cooking.

Chef's Stroganoff
My Stroganoff

I received a nice compliment from Chef however. He said my brunoise was perfect. I was proud of that for a moment, then I forgot things, like adding cream to the sauce, or wondering why I was just standing there.

Brunoise zucchini and carrots of 1-2mm cubes compared to  rice.
I wish I had more time to study for these exams. There is no time. I thought I had advantages. I took French for five years. I love food. I have a masters degree. This course is kicking my tail. 

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