Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 17 and 18

Friday day 17

Sore throat but thankfully an easy day. Class in hygiene and food safety in am, then came home and slept. Then went back to school. Ate about everything in site trying to make myself feel better. It's not working. Need rest for tomorrow's sautéed veal. 

Saturday Day 18

Cotes de veau grand-mere (sautéed veal chops, "grand-mere" style garnish with glazed onions, mushrooms and lardons) is what we prepared today. Not much was really said about my veal, but jus was too watery. I had a tough time getting the oil out so to not be too oily was a score for me.  

Chef's Veal

My classmate said that she has noticed that I was getting confident in the kitchen, and I really am feeling that way more and more, even though I'm still slow. I've noticed that my potatoes are turned a little better, sometimes 6 sides instead of 7, but hey, I have to pick my battles.  We had a 3 hour break so I went to Starbucks, and looked over some French vocabulary terms, as well as take a little nap with my head resting against a wall. Tomorrow is our last Sunday before our written exam, so it will be all about studying. Somewhat heartbreaking to be in Paris and studying. 

No I didn't, yes I did.

My food cravings were really wild today.

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