Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 16

Thursday Day 16

Woke up with s scratchy throat, so started taking vitamin C.
Made it through the first demonstration, and struggled through the first practical. We also had a fire drilling which I had just been handling the veal, so walked out of the building with my palms up. 
For some odd reason, my dish turned out really well. We prepared traditional veal stew (blanquette de veau a l'ancienne). My sauce had good consistency. My rice could have been cooked a little longer (chef said that he prefers the way I cooked them). You should have seen chef bite off half of a grain of rice, and inspect the center. And my veal was tender. The only negative was that he told me to be more center in my plating. AND, I was not the last one to finish. When I finished the practical, I ran out the school, without my coat, to the pharmacy to buy throat lozenges and aspirin with vitamin C.

Chef's Veal

For our second practical we grilled tenderloin with diagonal crossed grill lines. I botched up my béarnaise sauce, so chef helped me make another batch. The formal name of the dish is grilled tournedos with béarnaise sauce, potatoes "pont neuf."

It's the Chef's, not mine
Interpreter asked if I was ok. Chef asked if I was ok. I must have looked like death. Chef supplied me with thyme and honey for a home remedy. It works! Seep the thyme sprig in boiling/hot water. Then add honey.
Going to bed now.

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