Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 13

Monday Day 13

Brill is a flat fish I was introduced to today. Apparently there are more than one flat fish (I only knew of the flounder). 
Brill Fish

The most involved part of this dish was the doggone turned potatoes. These are potatoes that is shaped by a pairing knife to have 7 sides and oval shape. When the potatoes are turned “l’anglais” they are 2 inches long.
Turned potatoes, don't be fooled, I got this image from the internet, they are not mine.
Anyways, I have not perfected this technique, far from it, and they were not cooked long enough. My potatoes had to be transected to determine doneness. Chef also wants more salt in the sauce. New strategy retrieve vegetables for myself. We run out and I get stuck with using little or none...for instance today's shallots was left out of sauce. 

Chef's brill fillet in white wine sauce
My brill fillet in white wine sauce

Demo today with sirloin. Finally beef!!!
I feel like such a piglet thanks to pastry students. 
Would love to finish my diploma here, but miss my family so much. 
My feet hurts from walking, but would not dare to wear tennis shoes here.

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