Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day 12

Saturday Day 12

Only one practical today, hake steak. Silly me for assuming that we didn’t have to “darne” the fish itself, that it would be done for us. Of course not. Darne is a transverse cut of a large round fish. Honestly, I have more of a problem with filleting fish than  rabbit. To each his own struggles. Dumb scales. Dumb guts. Dumb slimy tecture. Hake happens to be a very good fish though. I was glad to be introduced. 
Hake Fish

I cooked the fish for too long. It really should have been poached for 7 minutes. The hollandaise sauce demands respect. I kept on asking the it time to add the clarified butter now? How about now? Now ok? Ok to add butter? I whisked and whisked. Happy to say it turned out ok, under supervision of Chef of course.

Chef's Hake Steak

Off to the convention of small wineries! Didn’t get through many samplings, there were too many of them, about 1000 vineyards.

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