Friday, November 25, 2011

Day 11

Friday Day 11

Chef took us to the market today. What a phenomenal experience, seeing all sorts of uncustomary American things, like:

Goat Cheese Farmer
Viva Les Fromages

Lamb Testicles (in season)
Of course, crepe

Tried horse sausage made from 100% Canadian horse. It tasted like ham. 
Chef purchased lunch for us from the market (nothing outlandish of course), and served us red wine. Thank you Chef for preparing our lunch from our market outing. I'm in love with terrines, caneles, macaroons, blood sausage, cheese, and bread. 

Had the privilege of making a dish with rabbit with mustard and sautéed potatoes. We each got a whole de-furred rabbit to fillet. Yes, they are cute animals, but I really didn’t have a hard time doing this. It was my first time tasting and preparing a rabbit. Delicious! Hate that I enjoyed it so much. I went into this demonstration thinking I will take less notes, and just go at my slow pace during the practical. The dish was better than the previous one from yesterday afternoon, appropriate thickness of sauce (no oil streaks or dots), but did overcook kidney and liver, however. As I was thinking that even if I don't perform well with dishes, at least I keep my station clean. As I was thinking that very thought, Chef asked me to clean my station. 

Chef's rabbit with mustard and sautéed potatoes

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