Thursday, November 24, 2011

Day 10

Thursday Day 10

Paupiettes de veau bourgeosie (stuffed veal rolls with glazed vegetables) in AM, PM was Stuffed chicken breasts, sauce and mushrooms.
The stuffed veal in the am was wonderful. Veal fillets stuffed with ground veal, ground pork, mixed with armagnac and encased with fat back, pan seared in duck fat, and roasted on a bed of vegetables. So wonderful! But I burned myself today, so did about 7 other students. 

Chef's Paupiette
My Paupiette

The PM practical was not so wonderful. We stuffed minced chicken within a chicken breast, turned mushrooms (technique to decorate them which took forever and I never did get it right). This was the first time I've thought I would not pass this class. You see, I tried a different writing technique, hopefully to make my food preparation faster. It did not. I burned my chicken, sauce was runny and oily. I took shortcuts.  I really need to let my pace be what it is. The negative part about being slow is that ingredients run low, or missing.


I had a chance to get my hair cut in between classes. I’m not sure what in my right mind decide to allow myself to do this. Thanks to a classmate who interpreted what I wanted, written on a piece of paper (cut long layers, keep length, cut 1-2 cm). I walked into the salon, know one spoke English, and the clientele was older. But, my tangled long hair had to be dealt with. My heart started being fast and I thought how dumb I was to get a haircut in a foreign country without knowing the language to tell them what I wanted, as she cut large chunks of my hair off. Nice surprise, it looks wonderful!  Happy Thanksgiving.

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