Sunday, January 8, 2012

Heirloom Eats (Mt. Pleasant)

Heirloom Eats is an important and delightful new addition to Charleston’s culinary scene. As its name suggests, the restaurant invokes a rich sense of family and tradition with farm fresh southern sophistication. The homelike ambiance welcomes you with french doors from an 1800's plantation within the bar, mahogany door from the Wentworth Mansion with suspended mason jars for lighting, and heart pine tables custom built by mortise and tenon. There’s even more to love about Heirloom Eats, the food!

So the food...well, the two of us usually get 3+ entrees and plates, enough for 4, just for the joy of tasting.

Smoked Pork Rillette (This was meant to be. I went to Whole Foods that day, and inquired about pork shoulder and pork fat, bought the spices, and was preparing to make a rillette, but VOILA, went to Heirloom Eats and there it was.)

Farro "Perlau" butternut squash, sweet potato, charred onions. I tried to replicate this at home. It didn't work. This dish's brussel sprouts are cooked perfectly.

Short Ribs with black pepper dumplings, parsnips and carrots, goat cheese cream

Butcher Steak with warm yukon potatoes, roasted root vegetables, applewood bacon demi.

Choose your own (one meat and two sides): we chose Fried Chicken with collard greens and "Heirloom" beans

S'mores Cake in a Jar (Imagine this. Wait, you don't have to, just go get it)

We have been to Heirloom Eats more than once, and have ordered more than pictured. That fact alone can tell you how much we think of this place. Come here on date night, or bring the family.

Also, brunch will be served starting January 15.

Conclusion: Mount Pleasant is privileged to have a place that takes fresh sophiscated southern to another level with surprising value. Welcome home.

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