Sunday, November 6, 2011

Butcher and Bee (Charleston Peninsula)

It's all that it's cracked up to be, and a heaven for sandwich lovers, Butcher and Bee is becoming a staple in Charleston. Opened only several weeks ago, it's popularity is growing. You will understand once you go and taste for yourself. It features farm to table cuisine from local farms, with food so fresh that it's cut and delivered shortly before you consume it. And, the dishes on the menu run out so as to not waste food, or save food for later consumption. Truly fresh. Butcher and Bee also has a garden out back of leafy greens. Not to mention the bread is made in house. The dishes, prepared similarly to haute cuisine, will impress you. 
We had Egg in a Basket as our appetizer. Pan fried buttered toast with egg in the center sprinkled with powdered sugar. Simplified French toast sans the cinnamon. 

Pastor (pork shoulder/pineapple/crema/brioche) This presented a mosaic of flavors bursting through the buns of brioche bread. A little heat, little sweet, savory tenderness from the pulled pork. Side of deep sweet ripened mango. 

Beef kabob with hummus/salad/pita. Aka Mediterranean burger.  Tasted so clean, with grass fed local beef and tomato cucumber salad in a large pocket of a grilled pita. Elaborately simple. 

Grilled Cheese (pimento/okra/pecans/rustic bread)
What a surprise! Imagine it. Sweet from pecans and pimento,  pickling from okra, umami from the cheese, with a crunch from the pecans.  Amazing.  
The Good: There's too many to list. Along with the obvious (good food), they were so kind as to come around and asked how we were doing, delivered the food to the table (vs having to pick it up ourselves from the counter), and called our names (personal touch).
The bad: BYOB. But then again, this can be a good thing. Very good thing. Just expect it. 
In conclusion: Butcher and Bee is a gourmet, yet simple, farm to table cuisine taking fresh, organic, and fine food to a whole new level.

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