Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hello my name is BBQ

Do NOT be fooled by this inconspicuous truck parked by a scooter dealership. This food truck has been considered the best BBQ in West Ashley, and 100% who have voted has "liked it" according to Urbanspoon.

I am a fan of BBQ, but not quite a connoisseur YET. I'm learning though. As you walk up, you will find the menu to the right of the ordering window. This was the challenging part because I wanted to try everything.

My final answer, tacos! 

Inside the corn tortillas were jalapenos, pimiento, barbecued bacon chopped with pulled pork (with 2 homemade sauces), coleslaw, pickled onions, and tomato. What was not good about this! Absolutely nothing. Could have eaten more than two. Don't forget to order an authentic Coke from Mexico made from cane sugar instead of high fructose syrup. There's a huge difference.

The Bad: It's only one truck so I wish it could be parked where I want it to be. It's there Monday through Fridays at lunch only.
The Good: Fast and good BBQ, seating area under the shade of Lowcountry Scooter Store, and of course it's delicious.
In Conclusion: You will be surprised at the quality and taste of BBQ that comes out of this truck.   

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