Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hope and Union Coffee Company (St. Phillip Street, downtown)

Someone told me I must try the coffee at Hope and Union.  Look for the coffee sign.  
What I did not capture was the other items on the menu like their pastries, teas, and espresso. Here is, however, the list of specialty coffees.

Brewed coffee made to order. I chose the Bolivia, with notes of pear, chocolate, and honeydew.
The good: The best coffee in Charleston, hands down. 
The bad: I like my coffee piping hot, and they couldn’t reheat my cup. It might be because it could ruin the taste, if placed in the microwave. I don’t blame them.
In conclusion: Maybe the best coffee I’ve ever had. 
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  2. I haven't tried the coffee they serve but based from the reviews I read about that coffee shop, I think it's worth visiting. I'll probably be there soon.

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  3. The ambiance of the place is different from other coffee shops in town. I agree with John that it's worth visiting.
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  4. My uncle kept on bragging about this coffee. I'm so glad I'll fly down to Charleston next month and I can't wait to taste this coffee.

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