Saturday, March 19, 2011

Chai's Lounge (King Street)

Sweet, swanky, and sexy are the three words I would use to describe the new Chai's. It truly is a sight, stepping into the foyer with a dessert displayed on the right, and lounge areas on the right (velvet sofas with billowing draperies). When you enter the courtyard, you will experience a modern, cosmopolitan, and relaxing ambiance, the stuff that other restaurants would envy. And the desserts, I wished I could have tried everything, but this will give me a reason to come back. Do not miss out on the WHITE CHOCOLATE CHEESE CAKE, which was what I had. Chai's also has a beautiful menu of wines, craft beers, and extraordinary cocktails.  This will definitely be a place for after dinner treats (or before dinner, or if you want to skip dinner and have sweets instead). I'm going back, oh yes, expect me back, and soon!

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