Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Graze (Mt. Pleasant)

Graze is exactly the right word. I could come here to eat everything on the menu. And, the dishes we did eat were perfect. The majority of the time, one would consider a side or ingredient less than ideal. No, not tonight at Graze. 
Butternut Squash Soup: Hot, with spices, and not too sweet like most butternut squash soups. The croutons added a crunch to it. I eventually dipped the bread in it. Puts any tomato soup to shame. Well, haven’t tried Graze’s yet.

Salmon Salad: Medium cooked salmon, seared crisp, over field greens, red onions, candied nut, crumbled blue cheese, and vinaigrette. Wish I could do it justice with a better description. It was so filling, even though it was a light salad. It’s out of the ordinary that I would order this, since I’m more of a hearty eater (think burgers and fries,  entree and sides, yes, I eat a lot).

Wild Mushroom Paparadelle: Beautiful fat flat pasta in wild mushroom sauce, with roasted tomatoes, with an intense aroma of truffles. Had to restrain myself from eating most of my husband’s. 

Goat Cheese Cake with Berry Compote: It does look sweet and rich. However, it is far beyond what you would expect from a grocery store or franchise. It is texturally right, with hints of salty and sweetness.  It is just enough for an after dinner treat. 
The bad: I wish I could find something less than perfect about this place. 
The good: Graze has good service, good atmosphere, and great menu items. Even as we ate, we eyed dishes passing us, wishing we could have tried this...or that.  But, our stomachs have so much room. Graze’s lunch menu seems just as amazing. The beverage menu is good too.
In conclusion: We are sure to continue talking about our experience at Graze. You would be able to taste the attention to detail. We WILL return, without a doubt, and graze more.

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