Friday, January 7, 2011

Eurasia (Mt. Pleasant)

Did this restaurant really just open in December, because it feels well established. The experience at Eurasia in Mt. Pleasant can be extensive to blog about...and all good things. Where do I begin? First off, great name to describe American flavor, Asian influence. Kind of like me.

Tripled Cheese Truffled Raviolis AKA Ridiculous in your mouth.
Let me describe this: Perfectly cooked pasta, with beurre blanc, and American parmesan. Truffle lover's heaven.  Then they brought out the bread with HONEY TRUFFLE OIL. All caps worthy. A beautiful story in my mouth.

Crispy Tempora Regional Shrimp
Confessing on my ignorance of tempora, but I will admit to the wonderful proportion of tempora to shrimp. The shrimp was fat and substantial (as it should be).

Oysters Oscar, the Special
Layers included sauce (forgive me, can't remember), panko (probably), crabmeat, oyster, asparagus, and bacon. Baked. In two words, oyster casserole.

Ginger Snap Crusted Pork Loin and "Mac and Cheese" with raspberry ale aged cheddar
Pork was good, but the mac and cheese was the highlight, in my opinion. The long spiral slinky-like pasta created a wonderful texture. 

Oh yes...Can't forget the creme brulee. I've never met a creme brulee I didn't like. You need to check out the peanut butter smores dessert when you go there (I'm still pining over it).

The bad: Let me think, ok, I got full towards the end and couldn’t assess properly anymore.
The good: Pleasantly surprised at how fresh and well made the dishes were. Lots of wows.
The conclusion: Eurasia has a wonderful variety to please every palate. You could feel the love, and the attention to detail in the dishes. I am grateful for the Virginia based restaurant to share their love with us. And that must be why Virginia is for lovers.
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