Sunday, October 3, 2010

Caviar and Bananas (Peninsular Charleston)

What would it be like to be a College of Charleston student, and to use my "off campus meal plan card" at Caviar and Banana? Well, I would be fat. Fat and happy, and if my parents were paying for it, grateful.  So how would I describe this place? Uniquely able to please any palate, diverse, and specializing in all foods delicious. I actually read somewhere that you could have a meal there everyday for a few months and still have not experienced all they offer.
Just a portion of what they have

C&B Southwest breakfast wrap (black beans/ peppers/ onions/ mushrooms/ tomato/ spinach/ scrambled egg/ cheddar)
I knew I made the wrong choice at first bite, and I was disappointed. Only eating half the wrap, I walked up to the duck confit sandwich area, and asked if I could buy half the sandwich. No, she said. I walked gracefully back to my table, and ate the rest of the breakfast wrap.

The Bad: I blame this partially on me. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood for breakfast. I would have preferred more cheese, more spinach than 4 cooked leaves, maybe some roasted corn, and not the spongy textured egg.
The Good: From the breakfast today? Great coffee, good portion size of the wrap, fresh ingredients. From the actual restaurant? Products/foods/drinks to delight ANYONE. What a beautiful place!
In Conclusion: So, I really wanted something else, other than my breakfast wrap, and I should have followed my craving. And I could be very happy pulling a mattress into restaurant, and calling it home.
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