Wednesday, September 8, 2010

17 North (Mt. Pleasant)

I'm beginning to think that I'm into unpredictability, specifically the changing of the menu based on seasonal produce.  At 17 North Roadside Kitchen, it feels like you are eating what was just grown on the farm behind the house.  Oh, yeah, that's reality, actually. With one acre garden, on-site of the restaurant.
I did my usual, "what is your signature?"  She said, "boneless buttermilk chicken." So I complied.
She was right. The fried chicken is something to brag about, along with the gravy (not just any old gravy, but southwestern-like). To compliment, as predicted in a southern dish, greens and mashed potatoes. For the appetizer, I tried the gnocchi, with duck confit, spinach, and tomatoes.
The gnocchi was delicious and balanced (having the spinach and tomatoes add a refreshing element to the rich duck confit and gnocchi).  Also had a white chocolate blueberry cheesecake for dessert.
The bad: A little salty? I've added the question mark, because it might be me.  It's not you, it's me. Please contact me via email for details, if you care.
The good: Service was great.  Good wine list.  Vegetables (separate dish) were cooked perfectly.  Dessert was rich but not too sweet.  Fried chicken I will write home about.
In conclusion: Will make you reminisce about the farm, if you've ever lived on one. But you don't have to tend to the crops or feed the chickens.

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